We put the show into businessby teaching professional actingskills to

“We put the show into business by teaching acting skills to improve your communication skills.”

PEPPED Productions is all about harnessing our innate ability to act, in order to power your business communication in a way that speaks to your business audience. We want you to peak your potential when it comes to communication!

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Amy Botes of Pepped Productions was delighted to join forces with NatWest once again to offer another *FREE* ‘Pitching skills’ workshop in Northampton at NatWest, The Drapery Branch, on Tuesday 6th March 2018. It was another resounding success and more events in association with NatWest are to follow!

Here is a video explaining a little more about what we covered:


This workshop has previously been a huge success and received a multitude of glowing reviews.

What was the word on the street about this workshop?

“Loved it. Well worth attending.” 

Bruno Reddy, Maths Circle Ltd

“I thought Amy was BRILLIANT. She kept it really simple and made us all feel at ease which made us all feel more able to be brave (for me at least)”

Camilla McLean, http://www.matthewcox.com.

“Great content. Very useful exercises. Good tips for structuring pitches and presentations. Super workshop. Glad I came.” 

Sue Bellingham, WOR(L)D Global network

“Different and enjoyable. Would recommend.” 

Mike Wing, WorldPay.

“Very friendly – informative and interesting workshop, taking me out of my comfort zone, and both pushing/guiding me to challenge how I come across. This was all done in a way that put all who attended at ease throughout the workshop. Would highly recommend.”

Ashley Briggs, Belville Computers.


Pitching is more than throwing your ball into a park. You must play the game and have a winning attitude. We need to let the audience know who we are, what we want, what we will give them and why we are different.

Through her pitching skills workshop, Amy aims to teach you the communication skills to really power your pitch and boost your confidence. It also gives you the opportunity to network with fellow business owners.

In business, we pitch all the time; whether this is through face to face customer contact, advertisements, sales presentations, networking or even just chatting with your mate down the pub… who ends up knowing a bloke… who introduces you to your next client.

This workshop introduces you to professional acting techniques that you can use in any context to get you pitch perfect in seconds. You will come away having a better knowledge of:

  • how to use your body, mind and voice to engage your business audience and win them over.

  • how to structure a pitch.

  • how to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us, even in the most unlikely of contexts.

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“Amy hosted a coaching session to assist with presentation skills and speaking to audience. Amy provided individual feedback on my delivery and easy to implement advice to improve. Throughout the session, Amy was encouraging and friendly. Within 30-minutes I could already see a difference in the way I stood and spoke. I would recommend Amy to any trying to improve their own skills in Public speaking.”

Diane Butterworth, Design Director and Founder, Diane Butterworth Ltd


“I participated in a group coaching session, led by Amy, to help improve our presenting skills. Amy’s energy and passion is infectious and she gave me some really useful tips and feedback. I would recommend anyone looking for help with pitching and communication to get in touch with Amy’

Mandy Hamerla, Director, HR Refresh

Amy Botes medium

“I found the workshop on presentation skills and personal impact incredibly useful. I learned a lot of techniques to help me improve my impact; things I can practice. The feedback on the role play was well delivered and in such a way that I will remember it. I want to improve, and am inspired and supported to do so. I would definitely recommend Amy to others wishing to do the same.”

Cathi Sacco, Director, Catherine M Sacco Consultancy Services Ltd


“I am really impressed with the level of skill Amy brought to this course and how Amy’s methods helped me to understand and stimulate my desire to implement them within my practice and future public speaking. I would highly recommend Amy for her talent in passing these vital and current methodologies on. The course was very focused and fun and I will be letting all of my colleagues know!”

Emma Dexter, Course Manager & Lecturer, Moulton College



PEPPED Productions is very pleased to announce that we are now affiliated with Give-Get-Go, a hugely experienced film production company that invites people from any background to come together and try their hand at any aspect of making and creating a film. Check out more about this company by following this link: GIVE-GET-GO WEBSITE

Amy Botes of PEPPED Productions will be partnering up with Give-Get-Go on their corporate offering, by creating workshops in presentation skills that will run alongside the filmmaking experience. She will also be hands-on in the directing of the films. 

They have recently launched a funding campaign! *Check it out here*


More about PEPPED Productions’ Founder and CEO, Amy Botes:

Amy Botes has always had a passion for performance and won a coveted place at the highly competitive drama school, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in 2001. She went on to perform all over the United Kingdom and the United States playing a multitude of leading roles in classics such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”. She also gained a place in the acting company at the Royal Shakespeare Company and has worked for a multitude of award-winning Directors such as Marianne Elliot (War Horse) and Rupert Goold (King Charles III & Oliver!).

Amy has also worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and was directed by Oscar-winning Writer and Director, Jane Campion in the feature film ‘Bright Star’. Amy’s training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art gave her the opportunity to work with world-class Voice Coaches: Robert Palmer (one time Voice Coach to Margaret Thatcher) and Ellen Newman (head of Voice at RADA for over 15 years). Whilst working at the RSC, Amy worked with Voice Coach legend, Cicely Berry who has been Voice Coach to the stars for over 40 years (from Sir Laurence Olivier to Judi Dench, there are few theatrical legends Cicely has not worked with). Having had all of this input and having benefited from this priceless experience, Amy is dedicated to giving her clients a world-class and unique service.

Alongside her acting career, Amy has established herself as an Entrepreneur and in 2016 set up PEPPED Productions with a mission to teach acting techniques, to enhance communication skills in a fun and refreshingly new way. She is proud to have established a strong association with the business enablement arm of Natwest and has worked with many different businesses from sole traders to multinationals.

More about Give-Get-Go’s Founder and CEO, Tony Klinger:

Tony has an international reputation as a company leader and hands-on executive and has served on many international boards, such as the Association of Media Practice Educators (AMPE) as National Secretary. As an academic, he won many awards, including as a leading member of the team that won the Queen’s Award for Education while filling various senior roles at The Bournemouth Film School, The Northern Film School and as Director of the Media Production Centre at The University of East London.

Klinger worked on the iconic TV series “The Avengers” and in the following years wrote and/ or produced films all over the world such as “The Kids are Alright”, “Deep Purple Rises Over Japan”, “The Butterfly Ball”, “Gold”, “Shout at the Devil” and many more. His history includes working with a wide range of international stars such as Michael Caine, The Who, Roger Moore, Deep Purple and many others.

Over a distinguished award-winning career, Tony served as company President or Chief Executive for several media production, sales and distribution companies both in the UK and USA.

If you are interested in booking a combined experience of filmmaking and presentation skills training, please contact Amy Botes on: 07752280321, to discuss this further. We can’t wait to make your dreams come true.