We put the show into businessby teaching professional actingskills to

“We put the show into business by teaching acting skills to improve your communication skills.”

PEPPED Productions is all about harnessing our innate ability to act, in order to power your business communication in a way that speaks to your business audience. We want you to peak your potential when it comes to communication!

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IMG_0356Presentation skills workshop delivered for Incentivesmart, of Dragons Den fame.

Amy Botes was commissioned by Incentivesmart to deliver a bespoke presentation skills workshop on January 17th 2020. What a lovely time she had! This forward thinking, go getting, positively wonderful company were a joy to work with. The workshop was a mix of practical skills, creative brainstorming and simulating, to get the group to a point where they could become the best possible version of themselves. And boy, did they deliver!

We had stories aplenty and drama in spades. By the end of the workshop, we had not only bonded but felt like we were all better speakers.  Here are a few reviews if you want to hear about what a Pepped Productions workshop feels like: 

“Very, very good. Informative, relaxed and has given me a lot of skills and techniques.”Kieran Rafferty

“Fantastic! Amy was brilliant and highly engaging. Very well structured and considered.” Jen Norton

“Great session, taking us out of our comfort zones and think on the spot. Great techniques to control the nervous tension.” Richard White

“Brilliantly structured and hosted. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and took a lot away from it.” Wayne Gray

Presentation skills are becoming increasingly important in the world of business, whether it is a sales presentation or a piece to camera for your YouTube channel; we need to be performance ready these days. By commissioning a Pepped workshop, you will be let in on the secrets of a professional Actor but also be given the opportunity to press the reset button on how you approach public speaking. You will receive practical advice on how to present with flair and presence. Sounds quite fun, eh?

Give us a call on 07752280321 or email Amy Botes at amy@peppedproductions.co.uk . We look forward to hearing from you.



Amy Botes is Keynote speaker at the WIBN Summer Event, Chicheley Hall 

On Wednesday 7th August 2019, Amy Botes delivered a Keynote speech at the WIBN Summer Event. Her subject was personal impact.

Amy’s speech went down a storm on Wednesday 7th August 2019. Her subject was based on personal impact and how to leave an emotional calling card. Too often we overlook the importance of creating an emotional connection when seeking new business. And this goes for those existing relationships too. We need to nurture existing clients and consider our outward action when generally going about our day to day business.

How we make other people feel is the crux of many a consumer decision. People buy people after all. So, if we fail to concentrate on connecting with our business audience, we risk losing out!

Amy highlighted the importance of mindset. Once we get our thought process in order, this will come through in our action. Our thoughts manifest themselves in our actions. It can be as simple as just remembering to smile or taking the time to listen. 

All too often we fall back on age old habits – behavioural strategy that has been relied upon previously – and this can stand in the way of getting your message across in a clear and impactful way. The body, the mind and the voice are all intrinsically linked. We need to consider how we are using our communication instrument to deliver our message; get perspective on our performance on the world stage.  If we make mindful choices in the moment, we are much more likely to forge relationships that are based on trust. If we share, they will care. If they care, they will share. Trust and loyalty will inevitably follow. 

Does your business need help with behavioural strategy in the workplace? Is your team really working well together? Are they being good ambassadors for your company on the world stage? It might be worth considering a workshop to improve their communication skills and build on their ability to forge lasting relationships.

Why not give PEPPED Productions a call today? Amy Botes, Founder of PEPPED Productions would be delighted to help you improve your personal impact and ability to influence in the workplace. After all, an emotional calling card is so much more powerful than a piece of paper. Amy can be contacted on: 07752280321.



Pepped Productions & Graydon Ventures join forces to offer a taster, storytelling for business workshop

On Wednesday 27th March 2019, Pepped Productions & Graydon Ventures joined forces to offer a taster, storytelling for business workshop.

We aren’t afraid to admit it, we got some fabulous feedback:

10/10 “one of THE best workshops I have been on; loved the workshop; have learnt so much – thank you; lovely clean venue”

10/10 “I learnt a lot around how to construct a story to deliver an objective message”

10/10 “Warm & Friendly; learnt a lot, now to implement them; great session & very thought provoking; brilliant venue & food”

10/10 “Good fun & good energy; definitely would attend again & recommend; great venue; great facilities; Thank you so much!”

9/10 “Great day; engaged, energising, loved meeting new people; really supportive way to connect”

9/10 “Everything very well explained & fun; a fun day”

We received a majority of 10/10s with nothing lower than 9/10 & 8/10!

To say we’re overwhelmed with such positive feedback and great scores, is an understatement.

If you want to know more about our Story Telling for Business Workshop, please contact Amy Botes from Pepped Productions or Kathryn Slack at Graydon Ventures Ltd


Thank you everyone for taking part. You were all brilliant – we only wish all of you could have won the Oscar trophy! Well done Katie Graves from Ballyhoo PR on winning your Oscar.

Check out our video testimonials below:

Why not contact Amy Botes, Founder of PEPPED Productions to have a chat about how storytelling could benefit your business? Amy is a RADA trained Actress & Communication Coach and has worked with world renowned Story Teller, David Crabb  – famous for his appearances on The Moth podcast . She was delighted to be invited to work alongside David at Twitter – and loved collaborating with Performance of A Lifetime on this delivery – which saw her working with some incredible facilitators as part of Twitter’s EMEA Rockstars event.

This sort of experience, along with her unique take on communication coaching could be just what you are looking for in terms of reinvigourating your take on communication within a business context. It could be the difference between your business standing out, or not. Why not contact her today on: 07752280321, to swap stories and see how she can help you connect with your business audience.


Presentation skills workshop in association with Natwest


Amy Botes of Pepped Productions was delighted to join forces with NatWest once again to offer a presentation skills workshop in Peterborough at Eco Innovation Centre, City Road, Peterborough, PE1 1SA, on Tuesday 12th June 2018.

It went down a storm! Here are some of the reviews we received:

“I was incredibly surprised at how interactive and engaging this workshop was. I’d highly recommend this for anybody wanting to push themselves out of comfort zones and feel invigourated and energised.” Catherine Morgan, The Money Panel

“It was an amazing opportunity to learn about presentation techniques and also about yourself – about the emotional side of presentation.” Anonymous

“Good pace throughout, great opportunity to create and practice our ‘pitch’ and building in the emotional connections.” Matthew Bessent, NatWest

“Very engaging and helpful in its content.” Roland Burt, Artist

“Excellent experience that boosted my confidence and self worth, but I also gained some valuable skills!” Jo Misztal, Adcock Refrigeration


Did you know that many people fear public speaking more than death itself? They would prefer to be in the coffin than giving the eulogy?

Well, Amy Botes, a professional RADA trained Actress and Communication Coach is on a one-woman mission to change this! Her company, PEPPED Productions, teaches acting techniques to drastically improve your communication skills.

On Tuesday 12th June 2018, Amy teamed up with NatWest to offer a half-day workshop in presentation skills. This was only a taster of what Pepped Productions can offer – we can create a bespoke presentation skills workshop specifically for your business. And before you run for the hills, think about what this could do for you.

Presentation skills are becoming increasingly important in the world of business, whether it is a sales presentation or a piece to camera for your YouTube channel; we need to be performance ready these days. By commissioning a Pepped workshop, you will be let in on the secrets of a professional Actor but also be given the opportunity to press the reset button on how you approach public speaking. You will receive practical advice on how to present with flair and presence. Sounds quite fun, eh?

Give us a call on 07752280321. We look forward to hearing from you.


Amy Botes, Pepped Productions Natwest workshop 060318 2



“Amy hosted a coaching session to assist with presentation skills and speaking to audience. Amy provided individual feedback on my delivery and easy to implement advice to improve. Throughout the session, Amy was encouraging and friendly. Within 30-minutes I could already see a difference in the way I stood and spoke. I would recommend Amy to any trying to improve their own skills in Public speaking.”

Diane Butterworth, Design Director and Founder, Diane Butterworth Ltd


“I participated in a group coaching session, led by Amy, to help improve our presenting skills. Amy’s energy and passion is infectious and she gave me some really useful tips and feedback. I would recommend anyone looking for help with pitching and communication to get in touch with Amy’

Mandy Hamerla, Director, HR Refresh

Amy Botes medium

“I found the workshop on presentation skills and personal impact incredibly useful. I learned a lot of techniques to help me improve my impact; things I can practice. The feedback on the role play was well delivered and in such a way that I will remember it. I want to improve, and am inspired and supported to do so. I would definitely recommend Amy to others wishing to do the same.”

Cathi Sacco, Director, Catherine M Sacco Consultancy Services Ltd


“I am really impressed with the level of skill Amy brought to this course and how Amy’s methods helped me to understand and stimulate my desire to implement them within my practice and future public speaking. I would highly recommend Amy for her talent in passing these vital and current methodologies on. The course was very focused and fun and I will be letting all of my colleagues know!”

Emma Dexter, Course Manager & Lecturer, Moulton College




Through a series of recent 1:1 coaching sessions, Communication Coach, Amy Botes carefully worked with Catherine Morgan, Founder of the Money Panel (www.themoneypanel.co.uk) to create a presentation and craft her story on the power of emotional connection. This was presented at the Humans Under Management Conference 2018 and was attended by several hundred Financial Planners.

Catherine was extremely brave in sharing her very personal story of her baby son’s battle with sepsis and how this experience shaped her behaviour and triggered a response to spend money, in order to gain back a sense of control. The message was clear – when we are in a position of trust, we have a huge responsibility to listen to and respond to our clients with emotional intelligence. Emotional connection is at the core of everything we do.

Amy very carefully directed Catherine, to craft this speech using age old storytelling techniques whilst also ensuring that she was aware of how she was using her body, breath and voice to clearly share her message and engage the audience. As you can see, this had a powerful effect. Have a peak for yourself below. We think she nailed it!

Could you or your company benefit from some presentation skills training? We would love to hear from you.

Contact Amy Botes directly on:


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As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said:

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”