Amy Botes feels PEPPED about confidence this week: “So…confidence was an issue with one of my clients. They are good at what they do. They like their job. In fact they are GREAT at their job but they just lacked the confidence to speak on the telephone with clients in an assured manner. As a Professional Actor I have learnt how to press the reset button on this point. If you aren’t confident – just act as if you are until that is your realityI have been slowly working with this client to give her several tools that are easy to master and easy to maintain. Anyone can use them and it has given her a suit of armour to wear when tackling a situation where she lacks confidence. Using basics from body language, to tone of voice, use of breath, tempo, even tackling her negative thought process, has allowed her to tackle her inner demons and flourish.”

Are you in a similar place? Do you think you or your company could benefit from 1:1 coaching to develop and increase your confidence? Then give PEPPED Productions a call!

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