This week Amy Botes is feeling PEPPED about body language: “A new client of mine has been working for the same company for many years. Now she has decided to take the leap and has opted for voluntary redundancy. As she has been out of the job market for some time, she wanted to boost her personal impact through a series of 1:1 coaching sessions with PEPPED. In this first session we concentrated on working on her voice, physicality and confidence but one thing that really seemed to be apparent was her lack of awareness with regards to her body language. Your body says as much as your mouth and if you are sending out the wrong signals, you could scupper your chances at interview. Using elements of the Alexander Technique and rehearsing what you are going to say can release the inevitable tension in an interview scenario. What was very revealing was when we videoed some of the session and showed this back to her, she immediately noticed the habits that had been entrenched over the years and it was remarkable how quickly she transformed. Eye contact, a more upright posture, an awareness of the spine and her centre allowed her to break free of her inhibitions and she went away from the session feeling energised, positive and PEPPED. We are looking forward to the next session when we will be concentrating on rehearsing this through role play and improvization.”   

Are you in a similar situation? Would you benefit from 1:1 coaching and would like to improve your personal impact? Then do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss a bespoke PEPPED 1:1 coaching package.

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