Link to ‘how to be present whilst presenting’, an online course in presentation skills.

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With a little imagination – you are capable of being the star at centre stage.

Doing a presentation may fill many of us with dread but in a society which profits from your self doubts, why not like yourself as a rebellious act. Nurture your innate ability to communicate and invest a little in YOU.

In a corporate environment we are often pushed into a “this is how I should act” mental attitude and very rarely step out into the limelight and show the world what we could be, if we applied a little imagination. But as Steve Jobs said: “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do”.
So now is the time for you to step into the spot, change the world but do it with flair! How many brilliant minds have been dismissed or overlooked due to lack of communication skills? I read about a brilliant study done by the Carnegie Institute of Technology which proved that 85% of your financial success is due to your ability to communicate, to negotiate and to lead. So if you are someone who is dreading a presentation, that could change the world…don’t be ignored, learn how to take centre stage and OWN IT. 
My course, ‘How to be present whilst presenting’ teaches you the techniques to do just that. It shows you how to stand, how to speak, how to breath and how to prepare. All you have to do is listen, apply these principles and you will be wowing your audience in no time.
I am passionate about helping people reach their potential. I have had many clients who have started out as mice and ended up men. I had a client recently who felt she was unable to be ‘big’ and was so surprised when she managed it. It was within her – she wasn’t acting – it was just hiding under all of her inhibition. We did a great exercise where she had to give a 60 second pitch on why she is the best person for her job. Funnily enough the time limit gave her energy but engaging her imagination also brought her to life. I started to hear her relating stories of her childhood and as she painted a vivid picture, she brought her message to the fore. I could suddenly see her sitting in her mentor’s workshop at the age of 8, working alongside him and when she said that she had been an apprentice ever since, it was completely convincing. She proved it was in her blood but when we started the session, she had been sticking to the tried old tested methods of getting a job – listing all the technical requirements – and forgetting the human connection. So by getting it into her body, using her imagination and acting ‘big’ she had transformed into a speaker I could engage with. A speaker that was confident and ready to change the world.
Amy Botes is a professional RADA trained Actress, Founder of PEPPED Productions and Communication Coach. She has just launched an online course: ‘How to be present whilst presenting’ now available via Thinkific.
By clicking on this link: **Start rehearsals today!** you will be taken to your first step in the journey!


How to be present whilst presenting!

I am so super excited to finally announce my online course on presentation skills: ‘How to be present whilst presenting’, is now live on Udemy!! Follow this link:

How to be present whilst presenting

For a limited few (until the 31st May 2017), this course is ABSOLUTELY FREE!! But get in fast or others will be centre stage before you.

Simply add the coupon: YESAND and begin your journey to presentation superstar!

So… why take this course?? We all have to communicate right? Whether you are a baby crying for milk or you are a businessman pitching his next big idea! What amazes me is that many of us forget how to use our natural skills and develop unhelpful habits that can inhibit us, leave us a nervous wreck and make us unable to communicate effectively.

Well – PEPPED Productions is here to help:

  • We can teach you how to be present whilst presenting, using the skills I have learnt as a Professional RADA trained Actress.
  • By the end of this course you will have a ‘carpet bag’ of tools to help you get your message across including vocal techniques, a greater awareness of physicality and how to train your brain to help you overcome inhibition and unhelpful self-analysis.
  • You will learn about how to warm up your voice before a presentation, how to use effective body language to keep your audience engaged and how to keep your mind clear and focussed.
  • You will have a clear understanding on how to structure a presentation both from the point of view of writing it and performing it.
  • You will learn how to help your brain memorise your presentation whilst being free and easy in your delivery.
  • You will be introduced to elements of the Alexander Technique which can help you free your mind and body of tension and stress.
  • Although I am going to let you in on the secrets of professional acting, I will not expect you to be any good at acting, all I am asking is that you tap into those natural skills we all have had since birth which have been covered up by years of bad habits, learned behaviours and past experience which has made you feel you are unable to present effectively.

Being able to speak publically can open up many doors in the business world. From being able to pitch effectively to selling your products through sales presentations, this course will give you the skills to speak confidently and professionally and this in turn will allow your business to flourish. The more confident and engaging we are, the more likely people are to listen to you. You will be free of the shackles of inhibitions and able to take the world on by storm.

Sign up for my course today and you will be let into the secrets of RADA’s world renowned training – something that has only been afforded to 3000 people in the last 100 years. Too good an opportunity to pass up? See you at rehearsals soon!